Efficient Network for Rapid Delivery

We inventory our products in nine strategic locations across the United States. The majority of our orders ship within 12-24 hours to our Authorized Dealers. With this platform, we can get our products to you quickly, even if an item is not on a Retailer’s shelf today. We can also drop ship on behalf of a Retailer directly to you from any of our nine locations. Our national presence reduces shipping times and freight expense. Our friendly and professional drivers operate our network of over 50 delivery trucks to insure quick delivery that you can rely on.

Direct Selling a Complete Solution

We sell the complete solution to outfit retail stores and commercial grows alike. With more than 5,000 cultivation, hydroponic and specialty gardening skus, our product selection is the largest in the industry.

National brand name products— some of these brands include:

  • Eye Lighting
  • Grodan Rockwool
  • Emerald Harvest
  • HydroDynamics
  • Central Coast Garden Products
  • Bluelab
  • Quest
  • Hygrozome
  • Down to Earth
  • EZ-Clone
  • Current Culture
  • Snoop's Nutrients
  • Supernatural
  • Nectar for the Gods
  • Smart Pots
  • Ushio
  • Roots Organics
  • Technaflora
  • Grotek
  • Xtreme Gardening
  • Grow More
  • Black Gold & Sun Gro
  • Premier Tech Horticulture
  • Dosatron
  • Turbo Klone
  • Easy Grow Films

Making & Manufacturing Our Own

Growing through acquisition, we’ve pushed the limits of cultivation performance and innovation since 1976. We continue to bring you industry-leading, trusted brands known the world over for enabling growers to exceed their ambitions through our commitment to quality and consistency. We invite you to enhance your operation with Hawthorne exclusives.

Leading Signature Brands:

  • Gavita
  • Sun System Grow Lights
  • Galaxy Electronic Ballasts
  • LEC - Light Emitting Ceramic
  • Sun Blaze Fluorescent Grow Lights
  • Adjust a Wing Reflectors
  • Agrolux
  • General Hydroponics
  • Botanicare
  • Vermicrop
  • Can Fan & Can Filters
  • Gro Pro Growing Containers
  • Hurricane Fans
  • Black Ops Carbon Filters
  • Titan Controls - Environmental Controls
  • Ideal-Air HVAC Equipment
  • Phresh Carbon Filters
  • Mother Earth Growing Media
  • EcoPlus Water & Air Pumps
  • Ultra Sun Grow Lights/Lamps
  • Sun Hut Grow Tents
  • Flo-n-Gro Hydroponic Systems
  • Ideal H2O Water Filtration Equipment
  • Grower’s Edge Gardening Accessories
  • Spectralux Grow Lights/Lamps
  • Measure Master Measuring Devices
  • Harvest Keeper Storage Products
  • Super Sprouter Cloning & Seed Starting
  • Sun Grip Light & Equipment Hangers
  • Sun Film - Reflective Films
  • Fast Fit Tool-Less Tray Stands
  • Hydro Flow Irrigation Solutions
  • Rainmaker Sprayers and Wands
  • Shear Perfection Hand Tools
  • Buried Treasure Guanos
  • Power All Cords
  • Sure Test Accurate Testing Products
  • Gro Vision Grow Room Glasses
  • Hyper Fans - Highest CFM per Watt
  • Feliz Fluorescent Grow Lights/Lamps