FloraFlex® Matrix

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FloraFlex® Matrix
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FloraFlex® Matrix

The FloraFlex® Matrix System is a patent pending first of its kind Top Feeding Wicking System that provides the most even way to deliver water and nutrients to your potted plants. It can be used with pots ranging from 7.5-18 in diameters. You will need a Matrix unit, same size Matrix Pad (optional), and the correlating Matrix Circulator. Water and nutrients travel into the Circulator, hit the slope of the Matrix and are pushed outward into eight maze sections that have individual holes dripping the water and nutrients onto the Wicking Pad. There are eight slices to the pie, each section is fed the same amount, going through the maze for even distribution. The Matrix pad is a capillary mat used for wicking. The system blocks light and keeps the top of your medium moist for a more even dry down. There are holes on the side to allow bamboo sticks for stabilization. The Matrix is reusable and can sit on top of or fit into your pot, just be sure all surfaces are touching.

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760513 - FloraFlex 7.5 in - 9 in Matrix (1=12/Bag)
Upc: 817593020472
Quantity: 9
Volume (cf): 0.1667 1.5373
Weight (lb): 1.0 14.7
Length (in): 2.0 10.5
Width (in): 12.0 22.0
Height (in): 12.0 11.5
760514 - FloraFlex 9 in - 10.5 in Matrix (1=12/Bag)
Upc: 817593020489
Quantity: 8
Volume (cf): 0.0694 1.4641
Weight (lb): 1.3 14.1
Length (in): 2.0 10.0
Width (in): 15.0 22.0
Height (in): 4.0 11.5
760515 - FloraFlex 10.5 in - 12 in Matrix (1=12/Bag)
Upc: 817593020496
Quantity: 10
Volume (cf): 0.2691 2.8125
Weight (lb): 1.7 21.9
Length (in): 2.0 15.0
Width (in): 15.5 18.0
Height (in): 15.0 18.0
760516 - FloraFlex 12.5 in - 14.5 in Matrix (1=12/Bag)
Upc: 817593020502
Quantity: 8
Volume (cf): 0.4838 2.8125
Weight (lb): 2.4 25.0
Length (in): 2.0 15.0
Width (in): 22.0 18.0
Height (in): 19.0 18.0
760517 - FloraFlex 15.5 in - 18 in Matrix (1=12/Bag)
Upc: 817593020519
Quantity: 6
Volume (cf): 0.5304 2.8125
Weight (lb): 3.8 27.2
Length (in): 2.0 15.0
Width (in): 23.5 18.0
Height (in): 19.5 18.0
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