Commercial Rolling Bench System Quote Request

Commercial Rolling Bench Systems allow you to smoothly roll your tables from side to side eliminating the need for multiple aisles in your growing space. Eliminating these unnecessary aisles turns valuable wasted space into usable production space. All Rolling Benches are reliably built to customer specifications and are shipped complete with stand, frame and expandable polystyrene trays.

All legs, leveling headers, and bench framework are constructed from a high quality galvanized steel tubing. The side rails, end rails, and leg connectors are all custom extrusions made from marine grade aluminum. These Rolling Benches feature a leveling system that has up to 2 inches of leveling capability. The anti-tip bracket which is welded together with galvanized steel tubing prevents the table from tipping over.

All parts are delivered to you pre drilled and ready for assembly. These systems can be assembled with a few common hand tools. We recognize not every grow room, warehouse or greenhouse floorplan are the same. We can configure your Rolling Bench System to match your growing production needs!

Bench Size Max Roll
4ft 9.75”
4ft 6in 11.75”
5ft 13.25”
5ft 6in 13.25”
6ft 15.5”
6ft 6in 15.5”

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